Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sperm Donors

Hey everyone. So yesterday was our court hearing to get the DNA results...which it came back as Jermaine's daughter (I knew she was his). So he wanted to terminate his parental rights but because I am still getting assistance from the state (well at least this is what I think) they won't let him unless I have someone ready and willing to adopt her. So because I don't have anyone they are making him pay child support, which by the way he rightfully should because she's HIS daughter. So after him telling them what he makes they made a judgment against him for $279 a month. Well because he has 1 other child in the system they lowered it to $148 a month. I could have handled that but NOOOOO, he wanted to see a hearing officer. So we go in and he tells this judge or whatever he was "My rent is $650 a month, and it costs $500 to fill up my oil tank whenever it's out, and we pay our babysitter $100 a week to watch my other two kids, blah blah blah cry me a fucking river. So this hearing officer makes a judgment against him for $50 fucking dollars!! Yet he is paying $115 a month to his other daughter thats in the system who is also in FOSTER CARE!!! How do you let your fucking child STAY in foster care when you have a fucking HOUSE!!! So after we get home I call his fiance's parents and ask her mother to give his fiance my number and tell her to call me. Now last time I talked to her it was "Oh we need to get the kids together, and I am done with him, he's been lying to me since day one and I'm sick of it, I want your daughter to know her sisters, blah blah blah." So she called me back and was all pissed off because he's paying $50 a MONTH in child support. She says to me "Why should he have to work to give you money when all your doing is sitting at home doing nothing?" First of all it's none of your FUCKING business why I don't have a job right now. Second of all, I didn't pay $15,000 to go to school to take a job that pays minimum wage. And third of all I didn't make her by myself so I shouldn't have to PAY for her all by myself. I am looking for a job and thats all that matters. She told me that until I drop the child support case against him that she will not tell her daughter's about Bella. BITCH there 19 months and almost 5 months old, they don't fucking understand that they have another sister.

So I am DONE being nice. I didn't lay down and make her by myself and I SURE ENOUGH ain't going to pay for her myself. She thinks I'm a bitch now...she ain't seen NOTHING yet. She's so hell bent on me getting a job. Wait until I find one and I go BACK to court and make that bastard PAY for half of her daycare. PLUS I don't know if this bitch knows or not, but if him and her get married her income WILL count and they WILL raise his child support payments. It's not my fault he's out fucking other women and making babies he can't support and take care of. All I know is that this bitch BETTER not fucking call me again. Unless she's calling to tell me him and her broke up and she wants the kids to get together, other than that she better not call.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being a single parent

hey everyone it's ME again. Well as you can tell by the title it's all about being a single parent, so listen up. It's not easy. I love my daughter more than life itself but times are rough. I am behind on our electric bill, the gas, and I am currently looking for a job but no one in my field wants to give me a chance. Trust me everyone, unless your married ABSTINENCE! Once that baby comes you no longer exist, I need new jeans, sweaters, and shoes for winter but my daughter comes first and I don't know how I am even going to buy clothes for her. So everyone please think before you do something that your not ready for, I was ready emotionally but financially I wasn't. So please think about your decisions before you make them.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Boys, Boys, & More Boys

Hey everyone it's me once again. Ok, so here's my problem for today. My little cousin just turned 14 this month. So we had a party for her at my grams house last weekend. So she starts tellin' us about this boy she met up at her friends camp. She said he likes her and she said she likes him but he kinda makes her uncomfortable. Saying that she thought he might be bipolar, she even went as far as to say that he had a dream she cheated on him (they were NOT dating when he had this dream) and woke up and started throwing things and breaking things (flag number 1). Now, is it is just me or does this person sound very unstable? Plus her little friends don't help either, telling her "Oh you guys look so cute together. You guys should date". Fucking idiot friends.

So I check to see if this guy has a myspace page, and of course he does. I read his profile and it's all about beer and drinking (flag number 2) and being drunk. PLUS he's 16 so he is older than her. Which I normally wouldn't have a problem with but it's my little cousin we're talking about here. I mean I practically consider her my adopted daughter cause of other things (long story). So then I go to her best friends page and her friend is talking about being drunk and partying. Which now makes me wonder what she is really doing.

I swear if this boy touches her in ANY way, shape, or form I will rip off his testicles and shove them up his ass. He really doesn't want to mess with me. I am not the one.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why must people annoy me?

Ok so I love my friends but why must they think I am their therapist. I've been friends with my one friend for years. She bitches and complains about stuff but causes most of the problems she bitches about. She was with her BF for about 3 years but cheated on him most of the time they were together. Now in her somewhat defense he constantly accused her of cheating so she did it. I am just so tired of her bitching about it. It's just annoying when you hear the same ol' shit every single day. I just wish she would resolve this shit already or just grow up. Just get the fuck over it and move on or shut up about it. But she's been my friend for so long so I'll just continue to pretend to listen and pretend to care about it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm just friggin bored...though I should be in bed but I'm pissed

Hey people it's me. The wonderful and beautiful Mademoiselle. I figured I would post my first blog before I went to bed. Although I should probably be in bed now. It's been such a long week and it's only Wednesday (well technically Thursday but you know what I mean). Here's what happened:

So we talked my gram into upgrading her dial-up to Verizon DSL. So we recieve the modem and things she needs to install it. Easy you say...THINK AGAIN! My grams computer had been acting up for awhile but we didn't think it would interfere with her installing the DSL. I mean shit we used her comp for awhile (while it was having problems) using Broadband and it worked fine. Ok so back to the problem, I install everything, I get to the final step...AND IT WON"T CONNECT! So I call Verizon cause they should be able to fix this problem in no time and she'll be up and running...WRONG! I was on the phone for about an hour with Verizon trying to fix the problem. They finally tell me I need to call Dell. So I do. So I call them and they have me do all kinds of things to the computer. After an hour and a half the guy tells me he is going to send me some disks to wipe out the computer and reinstall everything. Which is a good thing, it almost makes the computer run like it's brand new. So they send the disks and tell me that everything should be fine.

So my gram gets the disks on Monday. I wasn't able to install them so I told her I would come up Tuesday. So I take the baby up there Tuesday so my gram can spend some time with her and my mom can have some quiet time. So anyway I get up there and the baby was kinda fussy but I figured she was just tired and my gram could get her to sleep. I had some things I needed to get off her computer before we totally wiped it clean so I did all that first, which by the way, took FOREVER!! So after I finish that upI call Dell AGAIN to help me wipe everything out and reinstall this. So the guy gets it all wiped clean but tells me I need these things called Drivers for the computer. Since my grams computer was made in 2003 they don't make them anymore you have to go online and download them. Now by this time my daughter is downstairs screaming like my gram is beating her or something. So I tell the guy I have to download these things at my house I'll finish all of it tomorrow. So my mom had come up to get the baby from my gram cause she was sooooo fussy. By the time I got home she was in a good mood, she was getting her bath, and all I had to do was get her dressed for bed and put her down. Sounds easy right?? NOT! She slept for 20 mintutes and decided it was time to get up and play. So she didn't go to bed until after 10 sometime.

So today we get up so my mom can go to her Dr. appt. We left the house around 10:30 this morning and didn't get home until close to 5. We went to her Dr. then went to get her picture taken for her new photo ID, then she had to go get her eyes checked. Needless to say I was tired when I got home, BUT, I promised my gram I would finish that stuff on her computer. So I go to the site they told me I could get these driver's off of, it comes up and theres 75 items to choose from on this list. You would have thought the guy would have told me WHICH drivers to download and install...WRONG! So I had to call Dell for the THIRD time. So he tells me what I need and I go up to my grams. So finish installing everything on her computer. Then I install the drivers the Dell guy had me download, then all her programs. So I finish that and I go to restart the computer (cause you know some programs don't finish installing or their changes don't go into effect until you restart the computer) which is normal. After the main screen loads I get this error talking about putting the reinstallation disk BACK IN and repairing something. So I do what it tells me and it doesn't work. So I figured..."Well we'll just wipe it clean again and just start over. Reinstalling the Windows XP took longer than anything". Again I was wrong, now I can't get the goddamn computer to do ANYTHING except load the main screen where it says Dell. So now guess who I have to call guessed it DELL!! So hopefully they can fix this stupid thing before I throw it out the window.

Hope you all enjoyed my first blog. I know I did cause it made me feel just a bit better.