Monday, September 17, 2007

Boys, Boys, & More Boys

Hey everyone it's me once again. Ok, so here's my problem for today. My little cousin just turned 14 this month. So we had a party for her at my grams house last weekend. So she starts tellin' us about this boy she met up at her friends camp. She said he likes her and she said she likes him but he kinda makes her uncomfortable. Saying that she thought he might be bipolar, she even went as far as to say that he had a dream she cheated on him (they were NOT dating when he had this dream) and woke up and started throwing things and breaking things (flag number 1). Now, is it is just me or does this person sound very unstable? Plus her little friends don't help either, telling her "Oh you guys look so cute together. You guys should date". Fucking idiot friends.

So I check to see if this guy has a myspace page, and of course he does. I read his profile and it's all about beer and drinking (flag number 2) and being drunk. PLUS he's 16 so he is older than her. Which I normally wouldn't have a problem with but it's my little cousin we're talking about here. I mean I practically consider her my adopted daughter cause of other things (long story). So then I go to her best friends page and her friend is talking about being drunk and partying. Which now makes me wonder what she is really doing.

I swear if this boy touches her in ANY way, shape, or form I will rip off his testicles and shove them up his ass. He really doesn't want to mess with me. I am not the one.

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